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Welcome to Steph's Swim School. 
We are a family run swim school, based in Lutterworth.
We hope that you'll know us better after looking through our website.
We look forward to meeting you at our pool soon!


Steph's Swim School pride ourselves on delivering high quality, fun and engaging lessons- For all ages and abilities!

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Our babies love to have fun in the pool with our teachers and a trusted adult with them. 

Playing with toys, exploring the water, learning some of the basic swimming skills and then transferring them into being able to swim as they move up through our scheme. 

Turtles are the building blocks to being water confident and water safe. 

Our Groups are 3-12 months, 13-23 months & 24-36 months

Swimming with Armbands



The transition stage from learning and playing with a parent in the water, to putting those skills together with their teacher in the pool. Learning through play and exploration is the way to really start taking those first little strokes on their own! learning to be independent and safe in the water and the rules of the pool.

Age 3-4 years

Swimming with Armbands

Penguin 1-3


Those first few metres unaided, without help are a massive achievement! Our Penguins 1,2 & 3 learn to swim  independently up to 10 metres, learning Front & Back Crawl and Breaststroke introduction. A range of skills are taught and learnt which include our message of water safety and build on the water confidence of each and every swimmer. 

Age 4+

Swimming Boy

Penguin 4-7


Learning to swim up to 25 metres of recognised stroke, honing technique, become efficient, learning lifesaving and rescue techniques and building upon stamina. 

Front Crawl, Back Crawl, Breaststroke, Dolphin and Butterfly are worked on. Practicing in lots of fun ways helps to build up muscle memory. Moving onto working on speed and maintaining the stroke over a long distance. 

Rookie Lifeguard

An all rounder of confidence building, rescue techniques and self-safety around the water. Including learning first aid, communication skills and fun trips such as Paddleboarding. 

Swimming Man

Disability/ Additional Needs

Our team have a lot of experience teaching and supporting people with additional needs, both physical and intellectual. Our locations are quiet and perfect for reducing outside factors that might make swimming inaccessible in larger settings. 


Adult Lessons

We offer lessons for adults across all of our venues. Private lessons are the perfect set-up for swimmers of all abilities or we offer group lessons at our Lutterworth pool.  Our team are trained in being able to offer support to nervous swimmers and swimmers that have a fear of the water, we can help you overcome them and start to love the water. 

We also offer training to adults looking to improve technique for fitness or gearing up to complete a triathlon. 


Swimming Man
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